Special Documents

NAASS is pleased to offer members the opportunity to view documents of historical value.

One is a list of the recipients of the Theresa Neil Memorial Research Fund 1974 – 2014 (PDF). The Theresa Neil Memorial Research Fund provides financial support for summer sessions research. It is funded by a consortium consisting of the North American Association of Summer Sessions (NAASS), the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators (WASSA), and the Association of University Summer Sessions (AUSS).

The award, formerly called the Summer Session Research Consortium Award, honors the memory of Theresa Ann Neil, a nearly 20-year member of the staff at at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Born in 1948, Theresa passed away on June 25, 1994 after an accident that took her life and that of her husband, D.C. Neil. She served as Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration and Director of Continuing Education and Extension at Duluth.

The Bibliography of Summer Sessions in Higher Education Literature 1978 (PDF) is an update of an earlier work. Five summer session organizations participated on this document. Read the introductory remarks to learn more about the efforts of the organizations and individuals who created this bibliography.

Factors that Affect Students’ Decisions to Attend Summer Session is a research study that was conducted by Donna M Fish, SUNY – College at Cortland and Thomas F. Kowalik, Binghamton University – SUNY. The findings were presented at the 40th Annual National NAASS Conference in 2003. Several documents are provided for members who wish to use the survey at their own institution.