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University/College Membership

$450 Annual Membership Dues for Academic Year 2019-20

(*Membership year ends July 31, 2020)

The University - College membership category is NAASS’ basic membership. The category is open to all nonprofit colleges and universities who conduct summer programming or who would like to know more about summer programming. The institution is expected to maintain its accreditation in a recognized regional or national accrediting agency. The institution may list membership for up to seven individuals within the institution with one person, usually the chief summer session administrator, designated as the institutional (voting) representative. This category entitles the institution to full association participation including one (1) institutional vote in business affairs. Each representative listed may hold office and is eligible for full membership advantages.

Affiliated/Retired Membership

$50 Annual Subscription

This membership category is open to individuals on a non-voting basis. Individuals must have been associated with a university or college for two or more years but are not currently in summer session administration.

*institution is defined as any college/university campus with an independent Summer Session (centralized/semi-centralized/decentralized) related focus and organizational structure. Individual campuses within a university system will be considered as an individual institution and each will require individual institutional membership. For example, the University of California schools each have an independent institutional membership for each campus within the system.